Saturday, March 15, 2008

Opel Corsa 1.2 Enjoy

We already know that Germans can build a proper car, we all seen what they can do in a higher class, with BMW, Mercedes and other robust, big, strong and shiny cars.

Even if I'm a bit out of date with this test, i have to do it, because i didn't have a chance to drive the new Corsa until now.

What I'm talking of is a brand new, straight out of the factory Opel Corsa 1.2 litre Enjoy version.

The small city cars are getting bigger and bigger, and it's the same with Opel Corsa, it's 4 meters long and almost 2 meters wide (1,7 meters to be exact).
So... a big small city car, let's see what she can do.

First of all, as you sit in the drivers seat, you're not welcomed with some high tech digital gadgets, of course, it's a basic version...if you want more, pay more.

There's all the basic stuff, speedometer, rpm gauge, three pedals, the big round thingy, you even get an AC... in your face TATA Nano.

The gauges are well readable, wery well lighted and the design is cool too...

What did Opel exactly do..?

It seems to me that they took a hammer and a chainsaw and deformed a brand new Astra...and there you go...the new Corsa was born.

So, there is not much to say abouth the outer design of the new Corsa..we can conclude that it looks like a sweet, chubby, younger brother/sister of an Astra.

There are a couple of engine types that Opel gave to the costumers choice, a one litre petrol engine with three cylinders, which you should avoid, that engine just can't cope with the big weight of the car (arround about 1100kg).
The best engine you can get for the smallest ammount of money is a 1.2 Twinport Ecotec.

For the conclusion, Corsa is a fun car, very spacious and comfortable.
And the price is not that high, when you compare it to VW or Peugeot, which produce the same class cars, but the price is somehow a bit higher.
You can get a decent Opel Corsa with some extra thingies and gadgets for a price of 13000€.
This model is even cheaper, it comes arround 10000€.
This is all for today, stay tuned, more fun stories, reviews, previews coming soon...

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